From our Chairman Tom Maciulis and President CEO Rocky Caylor

Cadence Premier Logistics takes pride in being a leader, pioneer, and innovator of safer operations in the transportation and logistics industry.  During this past year we have looked at ways to enhance the values and culture of our family.  One specific component of our Continuous Improvement process has been establishing a solid working relationship with the Department of Labor’s (DOL), Veterans’ Employment and Training Service(VETS) Regional Outreach Team, Employment Manager Eric Asmussen. This all started with the assistance from the American Trucking Association (ATA), specifically Elisabeth Barna at this year’s ATA MCE. As our President, I’ve worked with veterans groups over the past several years. Tom, our Chairman, asked our executive team to elevate working with veterans to the highest level.  Most companies DO NOT go beyond just making that public announcement about how they support and are committed to our veterans, then hoping or assuming that the men and women of our armed forces will just send a resume or pick up the phone and call them.  Well my friends, and as a veteran, that is not the case.  This process is a commitment needed from the whole organization and needs to be planned and executed.  At Cadence we are committed to success in everything we do as a team.
During this process with DOL VETS we’ve introduced our driver programs at Cadence and the unique opportunities we provide not just to civilian driver candidates, but to those veterans that want to pursue a career in a growing industry. From our ability to assist a Veteran entrepreneur who wants to buy or lease their own equipment and begin building their own fleet, to training new and existing drivers with our Driver Simulator, and our CVSA trained “Train the Trainer” managers, we back words with quality actions.
Today we had the honor and pleasure to take that first step with Reginald “Reggie” Whitley, Illinois Department of Employment and Security (IDES), Veterans Employment Representative, Reggie also served with the US Army as a Ranger.  Starting in January of 2016, Cadence will be working hand in hand with the Illinois Department of Employment as well as local Chicagoland community development groups specifically in the driver training and placement, as well as, workshops to share industry knowledge.
In closing, the Cadence Team extends a warm and sincere Thank You to all the associates at the US Department of Labor and Illinois Department of Employment and Security for all your hard work and dedication.
Stay tuned for our next news release that will detail our new camera and ELD technologies Cadence and M2M In Motion have developed and tested, taking a motor carriers actionable needs to the next level.