Cadence is always a step ahead of our industry future challenges:

“New regulations in transportation continue to come our way increasing our costs,” says Rocky Caylor, President/CEO of Cadence Premier Logistics Inc. "We spend so much of our lives chasing singular goals in technologies that it's easy for us to forget the power of synergy; it is that mysterious dynamic whereby several factors come together to create a result far greater than the sum of its parts. Working with M2M in Motion and VisTracks, technology companies that actually care about the carrier - large, medium or small - have taken these dot-connecting opportunities, which can often reveal a wide range of possibilities that have been developing over many years and created a robust compliance platform, with ELD, In Cab Cameras, Tracking assets, and Driver scorecards that actually walk the talk. With all this being said, Cadence Premier Logistics is excited to put aside that singular thinking and work with the synergies of M2M in Motion and VisTracks."

Rocky Caylor
Cadence Premier Logistics